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Thank you to everyone who supported Michelle through her battle with cancer. The St. Mary's Hospital and Lacks Cancer Center Staff cared for Michelle as if she was one of their family the entire time.  A special thanks to them.


7/12 - 7/20
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July 21st  at  2:08 pm- Michelle lost her battle with her leukemia illness.  She put up a good fight but could not overcome all the complications which included multiple infections, sepsis, and ARDS.   Her heart stopped and she was freed of all her pain and suffering very quickly.  Mike, Sue, brother Matt and her love of her life Mitch were in the room when she passed away.  It was very peaceful and we know she is in a better place now. Very Shortly before she left us Mitch and I (Sue) while  in her room noticed a large yellow butterfly flying around outside her window of the hospital.  ( rather odd place for one up on the 5th floor or a brick building)  I told Mitch it was an angel watching over her...but we now know it was a angel coming to take her to a higher place.

God sent us the angelic butterfly.  They are a magnificent creature that represent a "new life".  They start out in the cocoon (mother's womb) and come out as worm and change color over time (life on earth) and finally develop into a long living majestic, angelic butterfly (eternal life).  Michelle is home with Jesus and seeing her eternal "home" that the Lord has prepared for her.  She is breathing the breathe of God and living in Peace :)

Visitation times will be 2-4 pm 6-8pm on Tuesday July 24, 2007 She will be at the OBRIEN-EGGEBEEN-GERST FUNERAL HOME  (map) on Cascade Road near I-96

Funeral will be 11 am Wednesday, July 25, 2007 at St. Roberts Catholic Church, Ada Mi.   Fair warning to those that plan to attend, most (read all) the family will be wearing pink in honor of Michelle, so wear it if you have it. 

The casket is closed in accordance Michelle's wishes.

In lieu of flowers please donate blood to your local blood bank and help fund the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

**** Michelle was laid to rest at Ada Cemetery off Fulton St, and also off Grand River Ave (in the new section in the back) if you wish to visit her.  You can spot her grave site by the yellow butterflies that line her gravesite. 

We thank  the many people that supported and prayed for Michelle throughout her illness. She was so amazed that people (even people who didn't know her) would be so nice and send cards, emails and send special gifts to her while she was in the hospital.  She (as well as Mike and I, Mitch and Matt ) appreciated them all...She was a beautiful girl that made such an impact on so many people she touched.  All of us that knew and loved her will miss her deeply...but will keep her here close to our hearts by all the wonderful memories we all shared together with her.

Candles lit for Michelle-   Thank you to everyone who lit a candle for Michelle in the past.  There were days when we had over 150 wonderful uplifting messages from you all.  We very much enjoyed reading them...

July 21 -  6:30 am.  Supine 5 hours last night, very quiet and uneventful.  Midnight - Michelle's kidney continue to be off and on. It is possible that dialysis may be required to help her pull through this.

Her SATS were in the 90's on the 19th and back to the 80's on the 20th.  This is related directly to Michelle's fluid balance.  How much fluid goes in compared to how much comes out.  Say 6 liters (yes the hospital uses metric) goes in with IV's and 4 liters come out in Urine then Michelle is Positive 2 liters for the day.  So why do they make her positive?  Well that is darn frustrating to Mitch and I as her skin get tight and she balloons up then they take her negative and she is soft.  So other than to frustrate Mitch and I it seem that her arteries and veins are "Leaky" and they need the fluid to hydrate her and get her Blood Pressure up.  Of course as soon as that happens then we go the other way.  Michelle had more fluid in her (on board) than the day before.  The extra fluid also effects her lungs and she has lower SATS.



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