PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!!! More detail will come later. Acute Leukemia ALL Leukemia

7/12 - 7/20
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July 11th - Quiet night, still a long ways to go and still critical, but there were not any emergencies last night.  Please keep up the prayers and just think of Michelle today - send her your love.  Michelle plans to spend the next week or so, in a Rotoprone Bed. It's very intimidating to see but if she improves then who cares...This bed has only been around 2.5 years and only has been used 2 other times at St. Mary's Hospital. Cost is over 1 million dollars to purchase so hospitals only rent this equipment. Michelle would be pleased to know not even big named celebrities have beds this expensive. Good news her kidneys are working much better...and we are still hoping the oxygenation gets better over the course of this treatment.  During the course of the day...big concern was still getting enough oxygen's for her organs.  Her oxygen levels though quite low remained quit consistent.  During the big supine turn around 8pm (on your back) she did a nose dive and stayed very low for a long time...respiratory therapists worked on her  "(manual bagged) without too much improvement for a long time....low period for us all here...

July 10th-Currently being rotated side to side on this medical bed to help with respiration.  Very Critical with a sepias infection...and pneumonia.  Lungs have fluid and aren't working well.  Very unstable but holding on. She was worked on throughout the night to control her vitals and oxygen levels.  NEED PRAYERS!!! Chemo for Leukemia treatment discontinued.  We are trying to get her immune system involved in the fight and praying that there are no blasts.

7PM- Is it August yet?...Long day and it's not over yet, but Michelle is still hanging on to dear life.  She had several scares throughout the middle of the night and one in the afternoon but she has bounced back.  Last night she was put on a medical bed that moved from side to side- at 60-40 degrees but that didn't help the lungs much so they brought in the next super deluxe model "Rotoprone" bed which turns her upside down, and from side to side trying to relief some pressure on her lungs.  She has a viral infection growing in her lungs causing her major distress. This is her most serious problem and they are doing everything they can to help her. So far the bed has helped some but until the infection heals she still is in danger.

July 9th -
Very long night of platelets, blood and antibiotics. Her surgery at midnight didn't happen as her blood wasn't clotting well enough.  They planned on retrying it at 6AM this morning after giving more plasma and Vitamin K throughout the night, and once again not where they want the clotting to be...so we wait.  Now it's rescheduled for 7:30am after trying more plasma. (Mike's not betting on it)  Another Chest X-ray this morning as her breathing is not where they want it.  She's now on the heavy duty oxygen mask which has made it improved. Blood pressure stayed good throughout the night with heart rate still higher than they like.  She still remains in ICU and is being monitored closely.  She will need more prayers today...8am after many consultations by doctors they have decided to have a breathing tube (maybe feed tube as well ?) put in now- in a controlled environment.  This will be in place during surgery and likely for a couple days to allow for needed rest, and she will likely be out for a few days. This will allow her the needed rest she needs.  Her lungs are starting to stress and they want to prevent anything further. She is currently getting the tube in and a bronco inspection by a lung doctor...to removed fluid and mucus.  Neurosurgeon said surgery will be done as soon as it's possible. Chemotherapy scheduled for Wed may be postponed.  Infection Doctor was in but we haven't spoke with him yet, they are still concerned about the e coli- (yesterday I thought we weren't) So - this day doesn't look good.  We are just waiting in the waiting room until we hear how things are going. quits causing problems she's not out of the woods. 

Breathing tube has been placed, and lung doctor removed some mucus.  She is going in surgery now. Surgery is done and she is back in ICU recovering.  I guess she will have a CAT scan later in the day to determine where the e-coli is coming from and see if there is an abscess growing.  New antibiotics have been added and she's got a whole team of specialists working on her so she's being watched closely. 

July 9th -10:30pm - Michelle had difficulties and her muscles had to be paralyzed to
reduce Oxygen demand on her body. It was a critical moment for her.   The chest x-rays came back and shows stuff on of her lungs.

July 8th- After the PA came in this morning and the Oncologist they made orders to transfer her back to St. Mary's Hospital (It's attached to Lacks) in the Critical Care Unit to be monitored more closely due to her serious infections ( E- Coli most people carry in their bodies but are able to fight it is one they are concerned with) that are causing her problems with her heart such as extremely low blood pressures and very high heart rates. The Room here is larger with lots more doctors, nurses and fancy machines to help Michelle.  So cell phone are not allowed, just laptops.  She is resting and being a very good patient through this all. We have met with the CC floor physician and are waiting consultations with the infectious  physician as well.  She also had another chest x-ray and will be having a CAT scan of her abdominal area something today.

11:00 am - Good news, the e-coli in her blood is negative today - the Cefepime knocked it out, no levaquin needed. Just have to finish the course of Cefepime (10-14 days). But the body is still reacting as she has the infection...so her body is still reacting as it's fighting it...thus the reason for the bad vitals, so they say.   Other News - Staph infection in / near her port. She will be having surgery today to remove it.  Just waiting to get 3 units of palettes, 2 units of plasma in and her blood pressure up..   Treating with Vancomycin.

Still has hair on Day 18.  She has not been active at all today...just a few moments of alertness and then back to snoozing.  Resting up for her surgery which will be sometime between 9PM-11PM. 5am and 6am tomorrow morning.   It's now almost 8pm and her blood pressure is good for the first time in days (with a little help from some meds) She's still running a high heart rate and she is on oxygen to help her breathe.  Hopefully all the pain she has been experiencing in her back will soon be relieved after her surgery which will remove the infected "reservoir" port.

Michelle's Note:   Not excited about all this. Looking forward to the end of Day 18 (of ~36 of Induction Phase).  Maybe 10 more days of hard time.  Good Night. 
July 7th - Michelle rested well, no big things overnight.  Looks like she may head back to Lacks today, we are hoping for one of the huge rooms.  Still waiting for blood cultures (tomorrow) to determine exactly what is causing the infection so far it is gram negative (correction).  Looks like another hot one here in Grand Rapids.

About 1:30 am headed back to Lacks for a new room assignment.  Her new room has a view of the Grand Rapids skyline.  So glad to get the large room back again so more than two people can fit at one time.  She has returned from the neurological/pathology procedure and is now resting very soundly...except for the mumbling she's doing in her sleep. You know you been at the hospital too long when the cafeteria staff comes in and says "Hey Michelle" and nice to see you again Mrs. Lunn. I guess we are on first name basis with everyone here...even the cleaning crew.  5PM and the culture results are back.  She was positive for infections in her back reservoir, and also an infection in her blood...so a double whammy.   She was put on a couple antibiotics to fight them.

Shortly after the last new antibiotic (around 5PM) for the port infection Michelle started getting tachycardia (short for tacky.. or very high heart rate ) They tried several different things to lower it but it stayed consistent throughout the night.  She was given more blood and more fluid.  She had a very rough night at Lacks with more EKG's and chest x-rays, and many more vital checks. Mike left at 2:30am and Mitch spent the night.

July 6th 12:01 am - Still going from  1 am yesterday.  Changed rooms at 10:30 pm on the 5th floor of St. Mary's, Hospital now in intermediate care. The room here is extremely small (actually my bathroom is larger) and it appears we've moved from the Hilton to the projects...temporary.  But needed to moved here to monitor Michelle's heart.  Great concern about infection and chemo having ill effects on her heart.  This room is laptop friendly but not cell phone, all cell phones have to be OFF in the room.  

As of 7:20 am this day seems to be an improvement over yesterday. Cancer Dr. just visited and said the Chest x-ray was good, and she has an infection that may have caused all her symptoms...(type of infection unknown as of yet- waiting for cultures to grow) she is here until she get her vitals more stable and is currently on antibiotics..  Doctor thinks she may be back to "Lacks" possibly by tomorrow (Saturday maybe now) if all goes well.  With Leukemia patients that have no white blood cells to fight infections, getting infections are not uncommon per the doctors.  She had another EKG this morning and the Cardiologist said it looked fine and a echo cardiogram was done later in the day and that also looked good and ruled out any damage, but noted a small amount of fluid behind the heart which may disappear once chemo is over.  No oxygen needed any longer as her level has improved with an additional unit of blood she received last night.  I have never realized how important giving blood was until now.  Everyone has asked if there is anything they can do...and all I can think of...is to say prayers and think about donating to your local blood bank in the near future.  I plan to as soon as I can. *

On another note- when we left Lack's we had to remove all Michelle's stuff, as we will be getting a new room when she gets back there. (talk about a job...she had cards, gifts, decorations, mini frig, clothes...etc). And when she returns we'll have to redecorate all over again. Just before noon today she had a visit from her favorite nurses, Christie and Chris from Lacks Cancer Center that came in to visit her... they said they missed seeing her smiling face. That cheered her up. Day 17 of treatment , and day 22 in the hospital and she still has hair - she is pretty proud of that. Staples aren't getting removed today as neurosurgeon is drawing a blood sample tomorrow to make sure there is no infection present in that area. oh...and now she's developed a rash on her back probably from one of the antibiotics...if it's not one thing its another.

Michelle's notes: Day of 17 of treatment much better than Day 16, note to self day 16's are bad.  Mitch will be here shortly (see the big smile on face).  Made a lot of new friends, Neurologist, Oncologist, Infectionologist, Cardiologist and a whole bunch more.  Tired, thanks for the emails, candles and support.

 July 5th - So far the day hasn't started out well.  At 1am while she was in the bathroom she got dizzy and fell into the shower on her head/shoulder.  She yelled for mom but I couldn't reach her in time.  2 am- she is now off to CAT scan to check out things.  She now needs to have nurses assistant every time she needs to get up, and neurological checks every 2 hours throughout the night.  She had another rough time around 4PM in which we had to call ALL STAFF ALERT CALL due to her passing out in the bathroom once again. She's had no sleep and her blood pressure is quite low so today isn't a good day to visit.  CAT scan  test came back normal.  She received a bag of platelets and now has a  temperature.  They have drawn blood to determine the cause, she is now getting put on antibiotics to prevent any infections from starting.  So the day isn't getting any better...On a positive note her cousin Cierra from Grayling came up and gave blood at the blood drive the hospital was having.

Michelle's Note -  One plus for the day is that the slacker didn't get arrested last night.   It was/is a long long day, hit a few speed bumps.  I am sure tomorrow will better.  Hey, I still have my hair, must be a new record.  Plan to sleep, snooze, knap then sleep a little more.  TTFN (ta ta for now) * reference Winnie the Pooh, not IM.

July 4th - We have PICC Line problems right here in River City (trivia note: Grand Rapids is actually referred to as River City) it is not flowing and they poked her this morning to get blood.   They are clearing it out today - soon - right now.  Chemo today, then next Wednesday the last push of the phase.  Mitch brought her popcorn last night and she ate half a bag...that is the first thing that tasted good to her in a long while.  This afternoon mom made some chicken soup (seen in the picture...broth, chicken, and noodles...no spices) and brought it up as she needed to get some protein in and the food up here is a bit on the spicy side and loaded with onions which upsets the stomach.  She even likes it!!  Doctor and PA came in and said they are still amazed she still has hair, after 15 days of chemo...they can't believe it.  Of course they still say....it'll be any day now.  Grandma Nan is taking the day off from visiting due to her not feeling good yesterday (People with germs aren't allowed up while she's neutropenic.) She's decided not to watch the fireworks as her counts are extremely low...and she's not comfortable with hanging out with a lot of people that may be germ carriers.  (Our new motto...better safe than sorry).  Happy 4th of July from room 4419.

Michelle's Notes- Decided to sleep instead of watching the fireworks, due to the effects of the extensive pain meds I took.  Sue, Jessica and Gentry went upstairs to watch them and Julie watched the Boston Pop's fireworks on TV with me in the comfort of my room. I plan on having a much better forth next year. 

July 3rd - Typical night vitals, bathroom (the IV keeps pumping fluid into around the clock) and blood drawn at 5:30.  Looking forward to the last day of steroids (then there is a slight chance the stomach pains will diminish) and sometime in the next few days it is likely that the staples from the back surgery will come out (lessening the back pain).  All in all sleeping pretty good tonight.  PA says...need more blood today so probably get that later in the today...that might give her a tad more energy.  Michelle wants to wish her cousin Joshua a very happy 7th Birthday today!!!

Michelle's Notes- Day 14, 2 full weeks of treatment, and done with one bag of blood, and have one more to go tonight.  Mitch is on his way up to spend the night and I had a lot of visitors today...Patty, Joe, Julie, and Jessica and Gentry. My counts are real low...but that's expected...loved the two packages I got today, mom and I will be singing karaoke someday soon.  Hope to get a good nights sleep so I will feel up for Chemo tomorrow.  Thanks for the cards, and for lighting a candle for me, and all the crazy gifts...I love them all...Grandma Nan get better.  ...till the 4th.

July 2nd -
Early blood work and slept in until nearly 8 am.,  Woo Hoo.  Mom spent the night.  Pillow check revealed no hair loss, yet.  Michelle claim she's the cure for baldness (Day 13 of Induction Phase).  This get rich scheme...may not pan out due to the doctor saying some of her head fuzziness might be the hair foliates starting to do there thing. Picture on right is the lunch birthday bash celebrated today for Julie (in brown dress)...no cake but awesome chocolate milkshakes.

Michele's Note: Day 13 almost over, minor bumps and bruises, still doing good, all things considered.  Tomorrow is another easy day, last day of steroids and Mitch will be back for a day.  Kathy (old room mate) stopped by and it was very nice to see her.  Mom and Grandma are plotting and scheming to get me a wig.  Walked a couple laps and sat outdoors for a while. The slacker was here for an hour or two, I was surprised to see him.  Grandma was teaching mom to play hearts,  I always thought that you didn't want points.    Happy Birthday Julie, thanks for the Chocolate shake.

July 1st-
17th day at the hospital, and 12th day of treatment. Mitch and Michelle said the night shift was uneventful.  They did have the loud PCA "(Patient Care Assistant)  at night but they have her favorite for today, Kelly. Nurses still trying out different pain/nausea meds to find the perfect one that either doesn't cause headaches, brain freezes, or make her even more exhausted then she already is.  Blood test back and she will need palettes today, but not in need of a blood transfusion yet. ..also a CAT scan ordered for later today to make sure all is well in the brain/head area due to the spinal chemo treatment. Cat Scan complete and she's very tired today as expected.   The hats say "Nanos_Fav".  CAT scan was normal. YEAH!

Michelle's Notes: zzzzz's ...she had lots of visitors today, Mitch, Mary, Gramma Nan, Chelsea, Jeanne and Jessica and is probably out for the night.

Army Men

June 30- Both mom and dad are home in bed while Mitch stayed with me last night. I don't think that I scared him away quite yet. I am trying to figure this thing out on my own and surprise my parents when they get up here. (updating the website)  So, we will see if it works. Mitch is resting well and it's six am and I am wide awake. Nothing planned for today, that I am aware of. Should be a pretty relaxed day. Looking forward to that!

Last night Sue and Julie went to the "Lowell Relay for Life" benefit. At Relay they celebrate survivorship and raise money to help the American Cancer Society in its mission to save lives, help those who have been touched by cancer, and empower individuals to fight back.  Here are some pictures from Friday night. Pictures.   Peggy Idema a friend of Julie's (as well as the mother of the lead singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers") made a luminary bag in Michelle's honor as well as having her name appear as one of the honored cancer fighters mentioned on the dedication video they showed.  A few others also walked in her honor at this walk.  She appreciates everyone's kindness.

Michelle's Note- Mom and Dad are off again tonight. Aren't they lucky? So, it's just Mitch and I and we are doing good. We went walking and sat outside (5th floor roof/healing garden area) for a while, tonight is a beautiful night and nobody was around so the mask came off, gotta love that. Today was a nice relaxing day and I am thankful for that. Going to just take it easy till I go to bed will be back in the morning. Thanks to everyone.


Army MenArmy Men
June 29 -
Up for pills, injections and draw blood at 4:15 am sharp. Michelle's friends  brought her some presents last night and room customizations continue.
Army MenArmy Men
Tonight when she makes her note (or earlier) she may be willing to share the story about the latest additions.  Looks like she is well protected and doesn't want folks messing with the thermostat.                                                                                             Army MenHer bone marrow tests came back... Blasts are now only 3% in her bone marrow rather than 80% (at the first test) ...that is great news - She's A Rapid Responder. 

Michelle's Note - First day of double digits something to celebrate. Took it real easy today and just waiting patiently for Mitch and Nan to get here. Had some lunchtime visitors, Julie, Richie and Gabriela. Katie came up for a bit and noticed the redecorating dad did. Matthew even came up again. Can you believe it? Lots of people walking for me today in Lowell Relay for Life, a big thank you to all of them! Still receiving lots of mail. Thanks from everyone. Also, getting lots of email, it takes me a bit to respond so please be patient. Thanks for everything.

Shells Cards
June 28-
Thursday- This makes 2 weeks at this fancy hotel and day 9 of her treatment. She's very glad the dreaded day 8 is done and over.  Way too many procedures for one day.  She slept well...about 13 hours or so and is currently getting her morning blood work done.  No procedure schedule for today...just a wig consultation at 11am. See her wig prescription below.   Last night our nice nurse told us to just buzz her when she gets up rather than her coming in to wake us up all the time.  This worked great...and allowed us both to get a good night sleep.  She thinks she must have some sort of super hair follicles that science should use her genes for as she's still hasn't noticed any head hair loss.
Shells Cards 2

Wig ScriptMichelle's Note: 
Today went sufficiently better than yesterday. We had the wig consultation today. That was hard, having a serious conversation about wigs when I have always had so much hair. Oh, well. The photo next here is a prescription for a wig. Who would of thought they right prescriptions for those? Not I! I had lots of visitors today. My brother came took time out of his busy life and came and visited. It was nice to see that he remembered who I was. Grandma and Grandpa Sedlecky came up for a while. Grandma has been doing lots of research and seems to understand more of this than I do. Katie came and visited, it was nice to see her and catch up. Jessica and Karen came up and those two are always fun to be around laughing and giggling so that was nice. Overall, day nine was good and looking forward to day ten. Mitch comes home and he's bringing Nano with him:)

June 27- Although we were woke up at 10:30, midnight, 2am, 4, and 6am we did feel when we slept it was good hard zzzz's. Michelle's back feels like there is something suctioned on her spine.  The pain meds have been helping and its countdown to chemo, and bone marrow time.  Chemo over by 10 am.

Great news Blast Cell count was 0.0 (thou/mcl) today, 300 last week and 3000 when we arrived. Michelle said tell everyone two down one to go.  She survived the bone marrow aspiration.  Results likely Friday (read Monday or Tuesday).  Doc showed up at 3:45 pm for the 5:30 pm appointment for the chemo in the spine...that's her last one until next week. Looks like the chemo is doing it's thing...and she's definitely feeling it's effects.

Michelle's Note:   Michelle went to sleep early, after a long day .  She may post something in the morning.  She appreciates your patience. I am glad those procedures are done for a while. Now I can take it easy and focus on other things. Poor Justin came up and was here during one of the procedures. I hope it didn't scare him away. It's done with, and that's all that matters.


June 26 - Last night they took blood for typing (will be a weekly event) and drew blood at 5:30 am.   Then Michelle was kind enough to let me sleep in until 7:30 am.   She is NPO (nothing to eat or drink) before her procedure this afternoon.  Her room is beginning to take on her personality.  Michelle's is now out of surgery and her Neurosurgeon reported that the surgery went perfect.  She was in recovery for an hour and a half and is currently resting. She has been heavily medicated so today may not be a good evening for visitors.

Michelle's Notes: Day 7 is come and gone and all I have to do is get through tomorrow.  I have early morning chemo and then around noonish a bone marrow test, and then chemo in my new devise that is implanted in my back later in the evening.  Not looking forward to tomorrow.  After Wednesday...I get to rest for a while.  Very medicated, very tired and very sore from my procedure. I hope that Charles is doing alright in Georgia after his surgery and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

June 25 -  Vitals at midnight and blood draw at 5:30 am on the dot.  The hospital is almost empty, so her room is very quiet.  Looking forward to an uneventful day.  Pillow check did not find any hair. After her afternoon nap (not to be confused with her morning nap) Michelle is always very upbeat and happy (now that her blood count is up a little).  Tomorrow she will get her Ommaya Reservoir in her back (not scalp) for her Intrathecal Chemotherapy.

Michelle's Note:  Day six was pretty uneventful. I will take uneventful though. No procedures, no transfusions, I got to rest and take it easy and boy did I take it easy. John came up and visited. He kept complaining about having to travel to the badlands. I would much rather be there right now! HAHA! Grandma and Grandpa Sedlecky came up and it was nice to see them. I am sure I will see more of them now that they are back from Colorado. Oh and to all the Lunn's out there it's is official, I am Nan's favorite. She had hats made up for me and everything. Look at the photo closely. So there! I am still setting records for mail received here. Thanks very much to everyone sending cards. Mail time is an exciting time around here. The emails are great too. I will respond just be patient please. Day six is almost over and I will only have to worry about my FUN day tomorrow. Imagine me rolling my eyes!

June 24 - Today makes it Michelle's 10th in the hospital and she is on her 5th day of treatment.  Wasn't crazy about the baby crying in the middle of the night or the 2am vital check but slept OK until 4:30am for the hour plus middle of the night visit. (RN told stories of her survival, drew blood and finally changed her saline bag after about 40 minutes of listening to the alarm going off)...now it's 6am, new plan...back to bed until dad woke us up at 7:30am. She still sporting the same do...no hair on the pillow again.  Now time for breakfast.  Looks like another great weather day. 



We did 6 laps and then it was nap time this morning. After her nap we rested then later she did 5 more laps. Some views from Michelle's windows. 

Michelle's Note -

I am sure that some of you with longer hair tend to go through more conditioner than shampoo. This is something that was common for me until recently. I have noticed my shampoo bottle is twice as empty as my conditioner quite the shock for me. And yes I am still conditioning my long flowing locks. I did however notice more than a few eyebrows coming out in my washcloth. I am sure my head of hair is next. However, I do have quite the option as to what hat to wear. Thanks to everyone. Overall, day five was great! Mitch came back and brought lots of fun stuff. It was real nice seeing him. Aunt Mary and Ben both stopped by too.  Everyone much tanner than I am, mainly because my lack of sun. Mitch suggested spray on tan. Final note, I have to be much more careful when getting dressed. I am such an idiot. I put my shirt on backwards and didn't notice till the afternoon and it's a pain to disconnect from things and change. So, I have spent the whole day with my shirt on backwards. BOY AM I NOT GOING TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. I will take the extra time while getting dressed I think. Day five almost over preparing for bed. This is Michelle signing out!

June 23 - Bathroom and vitals at 3 am.,blood didn't get drawn until 6 am., nothing like sleeping in on a Saturday.  Yesterday we forgot to mention that the bone marrow aspiration will be done with a real small needle (good news) in the sternum (not sure of news) on Wednesday.  The previous bone marrow aspiration or biopsy was done on her hip bone. No hair on Michelle's pillow this morning.  Today she will get a PEG Asparaginase intramuscularly (into the muscle). This will be administered by three injections of chemo into her muscles at 11am.  She was bummed they won't put her out for this treatment. Need to apply lotion to her hand and feet as the chemo is taking a toll on her skin by making it very painful.

This morning the Doctor came in and gave us a nice analogy.  The leukemia is like your lawn when it has dandelions, clover and crabgrass.  In this case there are more dandelions, clover and crabgrass than lawn.  So they are trying to eliminate the weeds by using various types of weed killers (chemo drugs) and rototill the lawn (bone marrow).   Then wait for it to grow back, as it grows back more work is required (further treatment) to make sure that the weeds do not grow back.  Remember that the seed takes a long time to germinate so patience is required.   We look a long nap this afternoon after watching the relaxation music station on the flat screen LCD. 

Michelle's Notes:

Day four almost done and going great! Honestly. Kinda tired, totally expected but dad is still pushing me. Which is what I had asked him to do. Slacker came up for a bit before work, it was nice of him. Today we just chilled waiting to see how I would react to those lovely shots. Besides a little stinging all is well. Julie dined with me and brought be new shoes because my feet are sore. Mom is already stealing the shoes. Then Uncle Joe showed up with some beautiful pictures of Colorado. The pictures were great because I can't get out so it's nice to look at other places than my hospital room. Jeanne even came by, it was real nice. Richie babysat for her because Josh can't come see me. It was nice to sit and chat and have my mind off things. Looking forward to tomorrow, no work maybe a transfusion but that's pretty easy. Mom is staying the night again she's in her Grey's Anatomy Scrubs and hoping to get mistaken for a doctor. Mitch comes home tomorrow and definitely looking forward to that. Till tomorrow.


June 22 - Suzanne and Michelle got to sleep in to 5:45 am. when blood was drawn.  The sun is shining nicely.  Mike arrived about 6:45 am.  Michelle is really upbeat and wishes to go walking this morning. Doc says Shell is doing well - blast cells (immature blood-forming cells) are down.  Here she is upstairs walking (4 laps) with Grand Rapids in the background. Worked was done to remodel the website.  It was my (Mike) idea to use a red blood cell as a favicon.

Michelle's Note: Today started out on an awesome note as noted above. We liked to hear that I was doing so well. Grandpa Lunn and Lucy came today. They brought me a nice pink hat. Luckily I don't need them quite yet. Mom keeps checking to make sure my hair isn't falling out but it will be of great need in the future. Jessica came by today with Laine. She will be busy the next few days so I won't see her as much but totally understandable. I hope she has fun in Wisconsin! Talked to Grandpa Sedlecky and Nan. I should see both them next week sometime! My brother is the biggest slacker ever. He never comes and sees me anymore. Jerk!  Almost done with day three and happy to hear that! One day closer to home!


Suzanne and Michelle in the healing garden

June 21 - Shell and I are up at 5:20 am., blood drawn.  Both ordered ice water to start our day.  Saw some lightening from behind the curtains opened the curtains to watch it.    Haven't seen any yet.  9AM heard  from her nurse Dee that her hemo level was at 11...woo hoo, almost normal.  Need iron though.   Got the iron and then she walked 7.5 laps and plans to go back for more at dusk.  The Doctor came in late this afternoon and said she looked good...and was wondering if Mike was going to a Jimmy buffet Concert (yes, he was wearing his usual Hawaiian shirt).  She has not had in any reactions to the chemo and other meds so far...which is a great.  Mom is her overnight guest tonight and Dad is going home for the first time to sleep in a real bed...

Michelle's Note: Although Paris Hilton may be setting records for the most mail in jail, I think that I am setting records here at the Cancer Center. So, thanks to everyone that is sending them. They are nice and it's so much fun to get! Today I am still feeling great! Had lots of visitors! Richie and Gabriela came and lunch time it was real nice to see them and Richie came back with that cap from the two of them. THANKS! I LIKE! It will be real nice in the awkward time between baldy and buzz cut. Knowing all my hair won't fall out at once. Julie walked over at her lunch just to see me. Then Jane came by and brought some cute outfits to wear around the hospital. They will be perfect when I start losing my hair because there will be no need to shave my legs or underarms. HAHA! Jeanne was up here for a while while mom ran home with josh to get her overnight stuff. Josh waved from the hallway. He told my mom that he has had it a lot worst when he had his tonsils out, whats the big deal.   Yes mom is spending the night. Jessica was here as well. She comes a lot! Matthew how ever slacked and blew me off. What a brother. I had my first breath of fresh air in a week today. SOOOOOOOOOOO nice! Mom and I just finished walking so I put in a mile today. Feeling good! Really feeling good! Not so worried about losing my eye lashes anymore. Was quite concerned today. I think I will be ok...we will see.


June 20 - At 5:30 am they drew blood, at 6:30 am Christie (Michelle's nurse of the day) came it to start the Chemo, total time 45 minutes.  Michelle said that it wasn't too bad and was quite proud that she hadn't lost her hair during the process.  The rest of the day wasn't eventful.  Michelle did some walking and we did our things.  For those interest her total hemoglobin was 8.0, chemo started so two more units of  whole blood.

Matthew Notes:  I came down to the hospital for a family dinner, by the request of the queen herself. However, to my surprise me my parents deserted us for some much needed time alone and I had dinner with my alternate mother and the queen herself.  The sterile, shrink wrapped, dust free, pot pie i had made to order was exceptional. The Queen herself appears much healthier now, color in her cheeks and sarcasm in her voice are true signs of recovery. The queen herself is actively seeking a device 32" wide LCD to play her new netflix dvd's. However i must end this shortly so you can finish reading. The queen herself is just about to empty another bag o' blood so this is matt signing off.

Eh' Migual(The Queen herself's) Notes: Well isn't my brother the nicest guy ever. He offered up his BRAND SPANKIN' new TV because the one in the room cannot work with the dvd player. By the end of the week it should be up here. On a lighter note. Started Chemo. Feeling GOOD! Real good! One weird side effect thus far neon orange urine. Quite a surprise. Besides that have walked around upstairs. Ooo was visited by priest. He did the whole anointing of the sick sacrament. He threw us off guard and it was like what is going on. Getting transfusions today so should be running laps tomorrow I will have so much oxygen in my blood! Looking forward to feeling even better.


 June 19 - Typical day so far, 5:20 am. draw blood from PICC Line, Chemo will likely start today or tomorrow.  Afternoon news;  Spinal Tap results are back, no leukemia in the spinal fluid, Michelle wants to break out the bubbly.  Signed the papers for the trial and waiting for Chemotherapy to start, early tomorrow.  Actually she did receive some chemo in her spine as a preventive measure yesterday during her spinal tap. 

*She was able to walk around on the 5th floor (in the healing gardens) and did 1 1/2 laps (9 times around = 1 mile) . As soon as she makes some more red blood cells she hopes to increase her laps.

Michelle's Note: Today was a roller coaster started out good, thought that we would get lots of answers and then roll on Chemo.  Then as the day went on we ran into a doctor that said that the answers weren't coming for 24 - 48 hours.  This made us very frustrated.   Surprisingly, then we got the answers, signed documents and begin chemo tomorrow 8 am sharp, be there or be square.  Went for our nightly walk and sat outside for a while.  It would have been better without the mask.  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.



June 18 - Spinal tap performed to determine if leukemia cells are in her spinal fluid, results tomorrow.  Although this has gone on for only 6 Days in real time, it seems more like 18 months to us involved.

Michelle's Note:  I Thought today would be worst than it was.  Still not a lot of answers.  Waiting tests, tests and more tests.  Taking it easy and napping, when I have energy I do things.  Taken it day by day.  Matt, Nate and Jessica came up.  Today that was plenty of visitors.  A little tired and going to bed early, big day tomorrow. My dad said that my forum will be ready soon (http://forum.tlunn.com) then I can really let you know what I think. Bone Marrow tests HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 17 -  Michelle was diagnosis with Acute Leukemia and the treatment is still undetermined until further test come back. She is inpatient at Lack's Cancer Center (St. Mary's) in room 4419 and is estimated to be in for at least 5-6 weeks for treatment. She can not receive flowers, or have small child, or sick people visit due to her lack of a immune system currently. Please send cards...funny ones the best to uplift her spirits.






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